Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Seeing the whole family!

It took a little bit but we finally were able to get everyone together.  My beautiful sister-in-law is still pregnant so I get to see her cute little belly pregnant with either my niece or nephew.  B has gotten so big and so much more mature since we last saw him.  But thankfully he is AWESOME at making sure to have fun with his younger cousins.  Love having all my family together and being with one another.  I miss being with everyone and thankful we had the opportunity to be together.  Thank you guys for taking the time to be together.
 A quick lunch while running around!
 She is so pretty...both girls! 
 Uncle D and Little N! Little N loves riding his bike.  It's much bigger than the bike he has in Taiwan, so he feels like a big kid with these bikes.
 Can't believe how beautiful my sister-in-law looks at 9 months pregnant.  Can't wait to meet my new little niece or nephew! 
 Little M and Little J playing together. 
 My handsome nephew.  B is getting so grown up! 

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