Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Family and Adopted Family

I'm not exactly sure when it happened but my little nieces and nephews have grown up.  They still will go in for a little cuddle, the hugs and kisses but they are growing up.  I can no longer just pick them up to carry them around.  They love playing with their cousins and spending time with them.  All four of the older nieces and nephews are very good with my kids.  "I" shared her hat with Little H and you can just see on Little H's face how proud she is to be wearing a little hat.  "D" is so good with all three of my kids and just has a heart for little kids.  Even "K" did a great job spending time with Little N while they were building legos side by side.  (Little N has been so excited to be around his cousins and is trying to catch all of them up on a year and a half of stuff so they have needed to listen to a lot of babbling.)
Some of the people we miss the most from Cooperstown are the Starkes.  When we first moved there Clint spent a lot of time getting to know us, driving us around and making us feel comfortable.  They took us into their house and adopted us into their family.  As we added kids they became one of our kids many adopted grandparents in Cooperstown.  So we were thankful that they made time for us in their busy schedules to come down and spend time with us.  I so miss them and wish I were around them more often then I am. Clint is an amazing man and we have a special relationship....he gives it to me and I just give it right back to him.  Brenda helped me immensely while being in the school system and just talking with her and sharing things on my heart.  They are just special people in our lives!

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