Saturday, August 18, 2012

Minneapolis and Rochester fun

We were able to get to get together with some of John's cousins.  It was pretty amazing and fun to have so many little kiddos for my kids to play with.  (There were 12 little kids running around in the house.) We got together and ate a brunch with yummy caramel rolls, fresh fruit, bacon, eggs.  Oh it was so yummy and fun just to be able to talk and play games and goof around.
 I love the picture of B...she has taken about bunch of Chinese candy (red bean candy chew) and was eating it happily and sneakily away from everyone else. 
  I love a game of Settlers.  It wasn't an all niter game but we at least got one game in and had fun. (Caristy didn't play but had fun taking pictures and teasing Matt.)  Finishing our time off at David and Joanne's we all had ice cream.  My boys really enjoyed the ice cream and so did we!  Thank you David & Joanne for your wonderful hospitality and just the freedom to spend time at your house for a while!
 We then started our journey to go see Ole & Kim (plus kiddos).  We got there and the kids were just so excited to play with their cousins and all their toys and the big backyard.  We also walked to a playground and enjoyed playing on the playground. Love spending time with this family.

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