Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Pond

Growing up once it got warm outside usually end of May to the end of school usually in June, after we were done with school and homework we would go down to the pond and play.  Now the pond is a man made pond and area that my grandpa was able to build for his family.  It's a wonderful area for kids to run around to play, create adventures and swim.  I loved coming down here (I still love it!) during the summer for gatherings with friends and family.  Just brings back great memories of swimming, jumping off the big rock and just creating adventures.  I am so thankful that I get to introduce my kids to the pond and that for two short weeks that they create a similar story of adventures, playing in the water, jumping off rocks that I did when I was a kid.   One thing I know is that boys are fearless.  I was at times kind of scared of how confident the boys were when they were in the water and jumping off the rock!
 Having fun with Tante Lexi on the paddle boat.  She is great at creating adventures for the kids.  So they would paddle off to distant lands in search for various things.
 I love my mom's face in this picture.  She is just enjoying spending time with her grandkids and getting to know them better. I wish that we lived closer to everyone so we could have this much fun all the time!
 These boys are going to give me gray hairs with their adventurous spirits and just wanting to try to do various fun boy things!  They had so much fun jumping off the rock.  I love the pictures with the kids shadows on the ground.  So much fun! Oh to be a kid again and not have the fear to do things. 
 After the pond we went up to Great Grandma's house for a meal and visiting.  Little H was struggling and was SO tired that Grandma took it upon herself to snuggle Little H to sleep.  Grandma enjoyed the snuggles with Little H who is such a little hot box when she sleeps.

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