Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mystic Aquarium & Abbotts

 When we first talked about going home we talked about going up to Maine for a weekend and then gradually we realized that while we were home Rich and Jen were going to have their baby and the baby hadn't arrived before we got to CT.  When the time finally came we made the decision to do something fun around CT so that way we were around for when the baby make his or her arrival.  Before we left to go to Taiwan we talked about going to Mystic Aquarium.  Dad suggested we got there cause he thought the boys would have a great time seeing all the animals.  He was right we did have a great time.  SO much fun!
 The boys enjoyed seeing all the different sea creatures that they had.  They also had an Uncle who was very into seeing all the animals too.
 After the aquarium we went to eat at Abbott's lobster in the rough.  We have been coming here off and on since I was a little kid.  I haven't really been a fan of lobster and would just cry and cry whenever my parents would tell me to eat some.  I'm sure it really frustrated them because they were just trying to have me enjoy something that they really loved.  I first tried lobster again at my sister's bachelorette party it was a lobster risotto and oh my goodness it was delicious.  So I decided to try the lobster again but I figured I would try a hot lobster roll.  Oh my goodness it was so delicious.  I think I have become a convert of lobster.

 When we got back from Abbott's we got word that Rich and Jen had their baby. So mom and dad left to go meet their newest grandbaby and we waited anxiously for word of the baby's sex, baby's name and how Jen was doing.  While we were waiting we played outside, Great Grandma came to visit and snuggle with Little H.
 Little M loves all the dogs now.  He tries to climb the bigger dogs like a horse to ride them.  Thankfully Bonzi (Rich's dog) is very patient and just let Little M try to climb on.  I think both Bonzi and Bailey loved the attention that the boys gave the dogs.
Great grandma and Little H. 

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