Friday, August 24, 2012

Slumber party at Lexi's house

I wish that I lived closer to my sister.  So we could spend time together and feel really close.  So she can play with my kids and when it happens I can play with her kids.  So that my kids could have slumber parties over at Uncle D and Tante Lexi's house.  Thankfully today we were able to have a slumber party at their house.  The boys had a blast playing with Finny and running around in their backyard and then jumping on the bed.  Also I loved the fact that my kids loved hanging out with their Uncle and Tante and requested reading a story before bed. 
 Hammock fun!
 Playing with Finny!  So much fun.
 Hammock fun!
 Little M loved trying to climb onto Finny! 
 Jumping on the bed!  They had SO much fun....Tante Lexi and Uncle D are so much cooler than mommy and daddy. 
A game of settlers, a perfect way to finish the night!

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