Sunday, August 5, 2012

The start of our journey

        We are leaving on Monday to fly out to the USA.  It's the first time that Little H will be out of the country and the little boys and I will be back in the states in a year and a half.  We are really excited.  We made the decision that instead of waking up and trying to figure how to get up to the airport from Hsinchu that we were going to stay in a hotel up by the airport.
         Once we started leaving Hsinchu a friend helped take up our luggage and then another friend helped me take the kids up the hotel by train.  As we were leaving by train I could just feel the stress and worrying about making sure everything was done fade away.  The boys loved riding on the train and then once we got to the hotel we enjoyed our time in the swimming pool.  We went swimming got really tired and then went to bed.  It was the perfect way to start our vacation.
 Thank you to "Uncle" Mike and "Auntie" Dodi for taking the time to help us out get up to our hotel. We really appreciated spending time with you guys and being able to relax with you guys. 
 Waiting for the train to arrive.  
  So tired after taking a train, swimming and playing.  Ready for our plane ride tomorrow. 

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