Friday, August 10, 2012

More Family Fun in Underwood

It's always fun being together as a family.  The lake cabin has been a wonderful place to spend time together.  We have a nice space where the people that get up early can have breakfast and be awake while the people that want to sleep.  Also what has been nice is having nice weather and a big backyard to play on - to play on the playground, to have a water balloon fight and a slip and slide.
 It's funny to see the differences between Little M and Little G & S.  They all are just a little bit different in different ways.  It's kind of fun to watch those three kids to play together.  I think the next time we are around them we will have lots of fun watching them play with one another. It's also amazing to see how big the "I, K, D & R" have gotten. They all are great playing with their cousins.  It makes me homesick knowing how much fun everyone would have if we all could be around more often!
Slip n Slide fun!
We celebrated three little birthdays.  We celebrated early Little N & M's birthday and then celebrated Little S birthday which we were missing by two days. 
 We've enjoyed not having to worry about a schedule and just being with everyone! 

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