Saturday, November 19, 2011

VEF retreat - Part 2

So you know how when it rains you sometimes get puddles.  Do you know what attracts little boys really quickly? If you guessed puddles, you would be correct.  Let's just say my two little boys had a blast SPLASHING in the puddles today.  They would run up the stairs and down the ramp and then splash in the puddles.  I didn't take any pictures of it because I was too busy rolling up their pants, taking off their socks and shoes plus making sure they didn't hurt themselves or splash other people.  But needless to say they had a blast!
Our second day of the retreat was nice -- it wasn't really a long day -- more wake up, eat breakfast, session, lunch and then go home.  The session time was great -- John asked one of the families if they would play some songs as our worship time (they did a great job) and then we had the session time.  OH my goodness....remember how I said that my kids are really spoiled....I think they had 8 bags of cheese pretzels, at least 30 pieces of candy (each day) and they were spoiled with attention. I got a little annoyed because I wanted them to eat real food, but they have a hard time eating the Chinese dishes and that's all that was offered at the retreat.  But it was a good day and I was thankful to get away, spend time getting to know people and seeing some place I had never been before.
I'm pretty sure if the weather had been nicer we would have stayed the afternoon and explored but with not pleasant weather we just decided to leave.

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