Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday 1

It's been a crazy week, and I think it will just get busier as the holidays roll around. Wanted to do a post on what I am thankful for this week.

I am thankful that my camera is working again.  Monday morning I took out my camera and got the pictures off my sd card from the previous night and when I tried to take the kids in their Halloween costumes, the sd card had an error on it and then my camera just went black.  Charged it and THANKFULLY it works again.  Hopefully it will last a while longer because while I'm frustrated with the things that I am just unable to do with's still a really great camera.

We got the toys organized into the bins the way I like it.  The little boys have been enjoying the variety of toys that they have to play with....the animals, the play food and the cars have all been played with.  They also seem to like the structure of having the toys in sort of logical bins that they can play with.  Of course they still take out their trains every day but it seems like more of the toys are being played with which I'm happy and thankful for. 

        Today I am very thankful for loving friends.  I have a lady who has volunteered to watch my kids so that John and I are able to get a date afternoon and we were talking about how I wanted to get some longer tops so that I could wear them with my leggings.  But the real reason is because I have been wearing these tops and bottoms for three pregnancies and I wanted just a couple new tops to add to my wardrobe.  Plus eventually it will be winter so I will need some longer sleeved tops and long pants. (We are in November it's been in the high 80's lately -- I'm not complaining because I know it will get cooler but in my brain it just seems strange to be walking around in tank tops in November. But it's been nice because I haven't needed to buy all new maternity clothes.)  
     So my friend volunteered to help me find some new tops....we had a conflict in our schedule (John couldn't watch the boys like orignally planned), so she actually organized it so a friend of hers to join us so we could have three people watching the boys instead of just two.  Boy did we shop....we tried on clothes, tops and met some wonderful people (salespeople).  Lots of the clothes were too snug on me (because we were trying on non-maternity tops), but I don't want to buy maternity tops when I'm only gonna need them for another 2 months or so.   Thankfully we kept on going and I was able to find three tops that will work with my leggings and one of the tops, the store I bought it from will alter it once I am not pregnant anymore.  Now just have to wait for the weather to cool down so I can wear my new tops! 

Just thankful for the little things -- cameras that work, toys that are organized and new clothes!

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