Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Glimpse into our world: VEF Thanksgiving

VEF has done a Thanksgiving potluck in the past but this was our (John and I's) first time to be a part of the festivities.  We had it on Sunday evening and made it a big deal about it advertising at the colleges  in town and to people that we saw. We had a small little program -- we had singing, some scripture, the older sunday school kids sang some songs for us and we had a drawing just because we had so many people that either were new or we didn't have their names -- we offered up some cds -- Christmas music and some other Christian artists.
Someone cooked two 10 pound turkeys, with stuffing, and other people brought cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, a mixture of Chinese dishes and desserts.  There was SO much food to try and eat...sometimes people get worried that there isn't going to be enough food to feed everyone at a potluck but there are always leftovers and things for people to take home.  I was thankful that they had pumpkin pie that I could eat and that they had whip cream. Yummy!!   Lots of fun visiting with everyone and eating food.  Glad that we were able to join in the festivities with our church family. 

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