Friday, November 11, 2011

Bikes in the courtyard

The boys still love their bikes. 

Little N has figured out how to pedal on his bike but has gotten in the strange habit of running with his bike around the courtyard....guess he's faster with two legs then on the bike still.  Looking at these pictures he looks so tall and grown up. He has an opinion about lots of things, one of those things is he wants to grow out his hair to his knees.  We will see how long that lasts before either he wants a hair cut or I have to cut his hair.  (Probably the first time that someone asks how old "she" is - will be when I cut his hair)

Little M has figured out how to pedal on his bike but sometimes he get frustrated that he can't go as fast as his brother.  He gets annoyed if he goes to slow but doesn't want help from us (pushing him along). It's tough being an independent 2 year old.  He is talking more and more, which is so much fun! Hearing what he comes up with sometimes is hilarious. Usually after his nap, he will scream to us -- "I stuck!!  I STUCK!" It's really funny!!  

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