Friday, November 4, 2011

Hymn Sing -- Little N's class sings

Today, Victory Church had a hymn sing -- the English department didn't know about it until too late so we didn't have any groups sing but it was really interesting to watch.  It's really similar to when groups get together and practice singing their favorite song and then perform in front of everyone.  We heard songs in Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, Hakka and even some English.   Little N's Chinese Sunday School class sang two songs for the Hymn sing.  

Little N's Chinese Sunday School class practiced before they went on stage and Little N was SO excited, he was doing the motions, wearing the bee antennae and jumping with the rest of his friends.  Then as we were going down the stairs to sing he decided he wasn't going to sing and perform.  Sigh!!  

Then as we get downstairs we find out that they want Little M to perform also....they plopped bee antennas on Little M's head which he immediately takes off and tears off the Styrofoam balls and holds in his hands.  
Tried so hard to get both kids to get up stage with their class, but they wanted nothing to do with being on stage EXCEPT if Daddy sat on stage and they could sit on his lap.  

Oh well!  Hopefully we will learn that next time we need bribes, and we now know that Little M is supposed to be a part of the festivities.  Next performance is in December -- hopefully that goes better! 

The little boy in the striped shirt is Little N's best friend in Chinese Sunday School.  It's really sweet because the boys both get really excited when they see one another and they are good for each other.  The little boy know a little bit of English and tries to help Little N when he can.  Little N's friend performed in his parents small group and was so excited to see us (mostly Little N) watch him sing from the balcony! 

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