Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Adventure - Ikea style

We have been talking about getting a new couch for our family room for a while.  We have a love seat and two chairs (one of them being one that both boys can sit in comfortably).  But when we sit to read a book or watch TV we all have to sit on the love seat which is getting more and more cramped.  My belly is getting bigger and the little boys end up either sitting on my lap or John's lap.  So we talked about the possibility of getting a new couch.  I had gone up to Ikea with a friend back in September and checked out the couches but John wanted to check out the couches before purchasing them to make sure it was what he wanted also. 

So after we talked to my mom and tried to get in contact with some other people via Skype we left to go on our Monday Adventure.  John's biggest frustration is that we aren't able to get out of the house early enough.  Sometimes our Monday adventures are fly by the seat of our pants adventures -- like this one.  I had no clue we were gonna go to Ikea but I was willing and excited to go up there. 

Got to Ikea and I saw the play area for the boys to go into while we went shopping so I offered it up to John as a suggestion.  He decided they were being good and decided to take them along with us.  Then got really frustrated with them when they behaved like kids.  (They weren't horrible but they weren't angels either!) Checked out the couches and sat on all the different couches, which then the boys had to sit on all the couches too.  We also looked at the "rocking chair" type chairs which will be necessary in a month or so.

Super excited because we decided to order our couch and it will be delivered tomorrow!  Then it's a matter of putting it together, hoping it comes early tomorrow evening so that we can start working on assembling it otherwise our week will be too busy and it won't get done until next week.

That was our adventure for the day! It was a fun day filled with couch sitting, chair sitting, playing with the toys, looking at beds and eating yummy food! Shopping is lots of fun to do for a girl but I'm pretty sure by the end of the shopping trip John was done!  I think the boys had fun mostly because there were toys all around for them to touch and look at. Plus we got a shopping cart and placed them in it and got "stuck" going down the merchandise aisles while waiting for John to order the couch!

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