Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Toy Organization

Is there anything worse then having all the toys out on the floor.  We still are trying to figure out how to organize our kids' toys!!  For the longest time we had two bins....trains in one and everything else in the other, it worked for a while but then we got more toys and the kids would go looking for stuff and then dump both bins out and we would have a fight when it was time to pick up.  I had been looking at Ikea at the storage organizers just trying to get some ideas for what can we do better.  John stopped at Costco for some stuff one day and saw this toy organizer that might work for us.  So the next time we were at Costco we looked at it and decided that it would work for us.  Buying it was not a problem...getting it into our car was a whole different story.  The box wouldn't fit in the truck and so John wedged it in the front seat and we buckled the boys in the car seats and I wiggled my pregnant body into the middle of the two car seats (which of course I don't fit so I was awkwardly angled and seated as we drove home).  John was laughing so hard and tried to get pictures of me which I'm not sure if they turned out or not but at least it was a funny story.
We got it upstairs and the kids were SO excited to see what we had bought for them. John assembled it with the help of his little helpers and after it was assembled the kids started to play basketball.  Little N wasn't sure what basketball was called so he called it the orange ball game.  I guess we need my brother and sister around some more so that they are well versed in the game of basketball. 
Hopefully this will help the kids with picking up their toys and also helping them find more of their toys so they can play with more of a variety of them. I can only dream can't I?

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