Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Little N's not so good day!

Little N had been taking naps in my bedroom -- he had some incidents that just left me nervous to have him take naps in his room.  Well usually I take naps with Little N but I had a deadline for a project I was working on so I skipped my nap.  When I came in to get Little M from "baby sister's room" after he woke up there was a funny smell in my bedroom but with Little N sleeping I didn't want to find out what was going on.  Cuddled with Little M for a while until Little N woke up and I discovered what had happened.
On John's side of the bed Little N found a black permanent marker which he proceeded to draw smiley faces and scribbles on the wall, then took the marker and drew on his face and hand.  Once John got home we discovered that Little N had also colored on John's doggie (each of us have a dog -- both John and I got our almost 8 years ago.  Little N and Little M got their doggies when they were first born and are very attached to them!)   Needless to say we are not happy with Little N -- it will be a hilarious moment later on in life but at the time weren't happy.  Mostly because I had no idea how I was gonna get the permanent marker off Little N's face, off the wall and off John's Dog. Did some quick Internet searches and everything that was advised for cleaning we didn't have and I wasn't sure how to find it either.  I saw something about how toothpaste will take marker off so I first I tried toothpaste on Little N -- John has a body scrubber that I put the toothpaste and started to scrub away.  Pretty sure Little N will not be writing on himself anytime soon -- I didn't try to hurt him but to get off the marker I had to do some gentle scrubbing.  I was surprised at how quickly the marker came off his skin which I was thankful for.  The next job was to see if the toothpaste would take the marker off John's dog, which I think it did.  After that I tackled the job of trying to get the marker off the walls.  With lots of scrubbing and toothpaste I was thankfully able to get the marker off the walls.

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  1. Oh, oh, little N...guess your mom and dad didn't like your art work? Remind your dad that his sister cut his hair and her own hair one afternoon when they were supposed to be taking a nap!


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