Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Adventure - New Moon Beach

We took our Monday Adventure -- I was hoping to go shopping to get some longer shirts but it was such a nice day that we decided that had to go on a exploring adventure.  (Pretty sure both little boys & John were thankful for the nice weather!) Little N wanted to go to the ocean & mountains!  I wanted to go some place new so John took us to some place new!  We went I think it's called New Moon Beach but I really could be wrong about that!  We got to the parking area where there was this HUGE playground that was perfect for the little boys to play on. 
    Needless to say we did not go to the beach first -- for probably 45 minutes we let the kids play on the playground.  Then we decided to check out the beach.  We haven't found many sand beaches here in Taiwan so I wasn't expecting much.  But once we got up to the ocean area, we had TONS of wind, but also sandy beaches.  We can't go swimming in the water but we had fun putting our hands in the sand.  We also found Little N and Little M picked their first seashells in Taiwan. 
The beaches in Taiwan aren't like the beaches in the states...well I'm sure that the states have some areas that have the same problem.  There is tons of garbage on the beach...we found plastic string, Styrofoam, soda cans and just lots of other stuff.  We had to be very diligent with watching the boys as they played in the sand that they weren't touching stuff that they shouldn't be.
   Little N did not like the fact that sand kept on getting in his sandals, and in his face so we decided to head back to the playground and have a picnic on the playground.  We wanted to be high up while we were eating because there were a ton of stray dogs (dogs that stayed away from us BUT most likely would come up to beg while we were eating our food!) around the playground. It was a good day!  So thankful for our time spent as a family.  
 Favorite picture of the day!!
 Bonus there was a bathroom right near the playground!!

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