Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Glimpse into our lives -- The combination of city life & seeing the country

We live in the city however it doesn't take long for us to be able to see a country landscape (if we take a car).   I love walking around the city and being able to very conveniently find stuff -- traditional market, convenient store, restaurants, stores, grocery stores, etc.  Something I find very nice about being in the city our apartment is located on a side street so we don't get as much traffic and you don't hear as much traffic noise (or maybe not as much as I was expecting).  Love living in the city because you are just surrounded by people and I can get most everything that I need. 
However sometimes I just want to escape the city life....get away from the hustle and bustle to just enjoy the quiet and peace of the country side.  Today was one such day...we took a drive around the outer edge of Hsinchu & Jhubei and just enjoyed the mixture of city life and country life.  In Taiwan they know how to use EVERY single can be driving on the road and they will have planted gardens on the side of the road.  Very resourceful!
  As we were driving John said that he wouldn't mind living out that far, but so far I living in the city.  I like being able to walk up to church to say hello or being able to walk 5 minutes to go in for a doctor's appointment.  Maybe eventually I'll want to move and have a bigger place (especially with another baby on the way) but right now I love our location and unless the place was an amazing deal and in a great location I don't know if I'm willing to move quite yet.  I'd lose my independence (I haven't driven a car yet since coming to Taiwan) and it's so much easier to walk with the boys everywhere then take them to the parking garage, buckle them up, get out of the parking garage drive through the traffic and then attempt to find a parking spot to do what I need to do. 
Here is the unique beauty of Taiwan (at least in our area) I think the combination of rice fields and the city skyline are beautiful. So thankful for a car that we are able to take to get us out of the city when we need to just go for a drive and feel like we are all alone.

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