Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Adventure -- Food

Today we decided to go downtown to explore.  There are so many shops and places to go that we just don't know about.  We took the free bus downtown and then just started walking around and exploring.  After a while we got hungry so we made a stop at basically a Chinese food court to eat some food.  John looked at me and asked if we were feeling adventurous and just pointing at food and ordering blindly (sort of like Russian roulette) I guess I really didn't care and both of us were feeling slightly adventurous.  I left quick to go get drinks and some food for the boys.  When I got back I realized that nope I wasn't as adventurous as I thought I was....we had a pork meatball wrapped in almost something similar to a wonton in a soup, then another soup -  si shen tang (四神湯) which is just interesting pig intestine, and lots of other parts of animal parts that I don't necessarily think would be good to eat.  John ate it and Little M absolutely loved it!  We also got some pork fried rice and some sort of green veggies which was most likely fried with garlic and other stuff. 
Little N wouldn't touch any of the food....he ate the yogurt drink, 3 things of what he calls "healthy" crackers (green onion soda crackers) and then I think some triangle crackers (veggie flavored).  Little M ate si shen tang, fried rice and some triangle crackers and also drank his yogurt drink & water!  We were shocked at how much he ate -- he ate almost 1/2 the bowl of fried rice and 1/2 the bowl of si shen tang.   John tried it all and actually thought most of it tasted good, until we got home and found out what was in the si shen tang...then kind of felt sick to his stomach.  I ate the broth from the pork "meatballs" and then ate most of the veggies, still kind of careful with what I eat because I don't want to get sick and I still have the wonderful gag reflex in place due to pregnancy. 
We have made the decision that while we will try to be adventurous in our eating out most likely we will not be just randomly pointing on a menu only written in Chinese.  We will experiment but make sure we have at least a couple of items that we know and like to eat.  Plus it's more fun to try new things and foods with people who take you places and laugh at you while you do it.  Plus it builds a relationship and a story to share about the time your friend took you and made you try...."whatever".
After our food adventure we went searching for a couple of maternity stores....I've seen them around and I just want to get a couple of shirts (or dresses) that I can use as tunics for winter time that aren't too expensive.  We could not find them anywhere!  I've only seen them while we are driving and just wasn't able to find or remember where they were when we were on foot.  We wore the kids out with the amount of walking that we did.  John ended up carrying Little M for a little bit and he fell fast asleep until we realized that might be a bad idea and woke him up and made him walk -- boy was Little M furious at us! 
It was a good day and we need to do it again....just so we know where things are downtown!!  Needless to say we all slept good that night from all the "fresh" air and all the walking we did.  (John kept on making fun of me as I walked because I kept walking funny once we got home and I had relaxed some!)

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