Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Halloween Party

We got together with some of our friends to have a "Halloween Party".  We got to play games outside, play wii and eat lots of food -- pizza, pumpkin dip, pumpkin bars & apple crisp!  We had SO much fun!! 
 Little M loves the attention from our friends...both the two younger kids have taken a liking to him.
 You see lots of people when they take pictures do the peace sign...I think this picture is hilarious because Little N is trying to so hard to do the peace sign but just can't get it!
 The princess of the group! 
 Our crazy guys!!  They put up with us wanting to dress them up and take pictures of them! 
As we were driving home from our friends house, we saw the craziest things.  First we saw a brush fire, John had to drive on the other side of the road to avoid the flames.  We took pictures of the moon and the city skyline.  Then we drove home and met up with 8 firetrucks, 4 police cars & at least 2 ambulances.  No clue what was going on but hoping everyone was okay!  We parked our car and then as we were walking to our apartment we saw a police car and ambulance parked at the next apartment building with people outside the building chatting so we thought it was curious but thought nothing of it until we got into our building and a guy was in a wheel chair (restrained) with at least two or three police officers and 4 ambulance guys.  No clue what was going on but it was definitely an interesting night!  

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