Friday, October 28, 2011

Kids Project - Painting Squash

This week we have been slowly getting ready for painting our squashes.  Earlier in the week we went to the traditional market to buy orange squash (which they wouldn't sell to me because they were "bad" -- hey at least they were nice to us and were trying to sell the best to us).  Then we went to the stationary store to buy three paint brushes and paint. 
Today was all about painting our "pumpkins" for Halloween.  I remember as a kid craving pumpkins and setting them out on our front steps for "all" to see.  I like having traditions that carry on and that are just fun.  I grew up doing Halloween and dressing up, but John on the other hand didn't not so it's a fine balance figuring out what our traditions will be as a family.  I think we've decided that we will let them do it but it's really not that big of a holiday over in Taiwan, so it's sort of a moot point.
Anyways back to painting our "pumpkins".  The kids have come to realize that every week do a different project and they were so excited to do our project.  Little N has painted before and it's just interesting to see how he's progressed with his "elaborate" designs and creations.  Little M on the other hand I'm pretty sure this was the first time he's touched a paintbrush and oh my goodness was he excited to try it all out. They both had a blast decorating and painting.  The painting kept them busy for at least an hour.  We had talked about doing this project with a friend and I have since decided that I'm glad that I did it just with the boys because the boys were in desperate need of a shower to get all the paint that landed on all over their bodies!  
They had a blast and I'm sure I'll attempt to do something like it again.

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