Monday, October 17, 2011

29 Weeks

           This post might seem silly and hopefully I don't offend anyone with it either.  This is the time in my pregnancy when I get nervous from 28 weeks until I'm well past 35 weeks.  It has nothing to do with me and my pregnancies....I've gone to the due date, 12 days early and who knows with this one.  But my sister-in-law had all of her kids early and struggled.  I've seen what she went through with her kids and just making it's past certain landmarks helps me out immensely.  This week I made it past the 28 week mark. 
           Everything is going well...seems like baby girl is pretty low already (but I could also be wrong about that!) She is pretty mellow in my tummy so I'm hoping that it will carry over when she arrives.  Hopefully she will cooperate next week when I go to the doctors so that I can get some cute pictures of her (she keeps on moving around and hiding her face when the ultrasound tech tries to looks at her!) because I don't have any ultrasound pictures since probably early on in the pregnancy.  
          The boys love her dearly already -- Little N will talk to her, and Little M will lift up my shirt and usually do one of three things -- give kisses, give headbutts or just give his sister some love.  I think it's sweet. John is distrubed because for the first time in all my pregnancy sometimes my belly button sticks out.  We've been watching at night as my whole stomach will change because she has changed her position it's really funny.
           I've been searching on etsy and all different stores looking for all sorts of deals on girl stuff -- clothing (dresses, oneies, etc) and hair bows or head bands (because more than likely this little girl will be bald for most of her first year of life!).  I am so excited to dress up my little girl and have fun with her.  Nervous about figuring out how to do her hair but I'll have time to figure out how to do that!
            My brother makes fun of me because he doesn't think I'm a girlie girl so all these conversations just make him laugh.  Since being in Taiwan I've become more of a girlie girl....wanting to wear dresses and skirts and cute shoes.  But that's because the weather is nice enough that I want to wear dresses and it's cooler to wear dresses and skirts.  Wow is this post all over the place sorry about that and hopefully you'll be able to figure it all out!
Super windy at the beach but here I am at 29 weeks! 

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