Friday, October 21, 2011

Apple Project

So all this week have been getting ready to do our apple project.  On Wednesday before playgroup we went to the traditional market where Little N and Little M picked out the beans that they wanted to use.  Then I gave Little N money so that he could buy oranges for us (don't worry I was right there) and he was SO proud of himself that he could do it all by himself.
Then today I quick made the template for the apple and leaf that I wanted them to use. (I miss having a printer at home!!) Then we started on our project!  A couple of weeks back I bought them some scissors that I thought would work well for them and be safe, umm...yeah....NOPE!  I'll have to go and buy them different scissors.
I have different expectations for the boys but I did the same project with them.  For Little M, I cut out the apple and "helped" him cut out the leaf.  While I'm sure he would love to do the glue himself...I made the decision that I would put glue on his paper and then he could put the beans on both the red and green paper.  He had a blast! 
For Little N I had John help him cut out the apple and leaf out.  We are pretty certain that Little N is a leftie so it's just interesting to watch him do different things.  He got frustrated easily with his scissors so we let him use our sharp scary scissors.  But I let him use the glue and put the beans on the apple and the leaf anyway  he wanted to.  He had a blast doing it and was focused on doing a good job and not trying to mess up. 
Our apple project was a great way to spend our Friday afternoon before daddy left to go lead youth group.
 Mommy, I can't do it!  Help me.
 Little M putting green beans on his apple leaf and red beans on his apple.
 Little N decorating his apple

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