Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kids Cooking

A friend of ours was wondering if we could come over to teach them how to make cookies and I thought about it and said no...you guys haven't been to our house why don't you come over and we'll make a morning/afternoon of it.  So she came over. 
We (and when I say we I mean the kids and I) made cookies.  They helped put the ingredients in the bowl, and helped stir the batter and then did the most important job -- eat the cookies. We had a good time and I was so thankful that they came over to play with my boys.  The cookies actually turned out this time too.  Every single time I've tried to make cookies over in Taiwan they just haven't turned out as well as they did in the states.  So I was super excited when they turned out to be my best cookies EVER made (especially when I was cooking with friends!) 
I sadly didn't take out my camera while the kids were cooking so I was SO thankful that my friend had her camera and was taking pictures of the various cute things the kids did!! (Sometimes it's okay not to be the one behind the camera -- even though you are dying to take pictures of everything!)
 My little bakers all waiting to help cook!!
 These cute cooking trays actually worked and were really cute to use!  They were perfect bite size cookie size.
 We also made pizzas to eat -- pepperoni pizza for the boys to share and ham, pineapple & corn for the girls to share! 
 Why is it that boxes are so much fun to climb and play in?

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