Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chinese Sunday School

The fall line up is upon VEF (Victory English Fellowship) we have started a Toddler Sunday School class.  I was asked to help out with the Bible story and I've also taken it upon myself to decorate the room.  For this quarter we have "apple" name tags up on the wall and gradually I am adding more stuff to the walls.  Come November there will be a BIG Noah's Ark (which I'm kind of excited about!) and the kids are just learning small little things about the bible.  The thing that I'm most excited about is that every month the class is learning a new bible verse.  Little N has be able to memorize both of them so far and Little M tries his best to say what he is able to.  They both are very proud of themselves. 
After the toddler Sunday school class we rush Little N up to the Chinese Sunday School class....for the first two weeks of October I had to rush back down to do something for John or someone else so I didn't stay for the opening exercises.  Today I did.....lots of moms and teachers are curious about us....why do we have our son in the Chinese Sunday school and what are we doing here.  I like going to the opening exercises because I can have both Little N and Little M listen to the teachers sing the songs and just pick up on some Chinese. I also like sitting in the opening exercises because then I can learn the songs that they sing and I also have the chance of learning some new stuff.  Like I learned that Little N's Sunday school class will be in the hymn sing on Nov. 5 but I would have never learned that if I just dropped him off.  The teachers today came up to me after opening exercises and told me that I don't have to stay that Little N does fine during the songs and such but I tried to explain that it wasn't for Little N sake that I was staying...I was staying so that I could learn the songs and motions that he was learning in Sunday school.  They thought about it and realized that it made sense it would be something they would probably do also if they were in my situation.
Little N has made some little friends in his Chinese class....I don't know their names but I think it's awful sweet of them to look out for Little N and also the way they say Little N's name is SO sweet.  I'm very grateful that Little N likes going to his Chinese Sunday school class.  After church he goes running up to me and says, "Mommy, you have to take me up to class! I've already given Daddy a hug good bye, can we go now?" 
I'm pretty certain that now Little M is jealous....he just has to wait one more year before he can join Chinese Sunday School. (He tried to join the 3 year old class this week!)

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