Sunday, August 14, 2011

A rambling post!

Coming back from Japan and trying to get back to normal is hard.  Well coming back from any vacation and getting back to normal life is hard.  (I think that's more what I mean)....we spent the first day back trying to put stuff away and make sure all the laundry is done.   It also doesn't help that two/three days after we got back from Japan, we have to get ready for some one's fourth birthday!! 

You know I hate going shopping on Saturdays and Sundays....the grocery store is so busy with people going shopping. Yet we had to do it because we had nothing in our fridge....well nothing of substance and we had very little food in the house.  Sigh.....

Sunday -- walking back home from church we saw these interesting flowers.  I call them flower snakes.  For the longest time Little N was afraid of them and didn't want to touch them.  Now he'll go up and touch them no problem!!

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