Thursday, August 11, 2011

Japan - Thursday (Naruko and Kawarage Jigoku)

Thursday we woke up early in the morning to start our adventure.  We decided to go back to Naruko which is a hot springs village and also know for their kokeshi dolls.  We went there back in 2002 and bought some kokeshi dolls when my mom was visiting and then we went again with all the English teachers.  Good memories.  We wanted to get some kokeshi dolls for the little boys & and unborn baby as a souvenir of our trip to Japan.  Figured we could get a small thing from each place we visit as a way to remember each place we go to.  We had fun taking pictures and walking around. After Naruko we drove up into the mountains.
 Back in 2005 we went to Kawarage Jigoku walked around and saw this amazing hot springs waterfalls.  We didn't go into the water at that time but walked back because we had to get back to where ever we were going.  This time when we went things had changed a little bit.  The land had shifted some causing some of the hiking path to be closed off.  We continued on and were fortunate enough to meet up with some very kind people who gave a ride to the car so that we could park in another parking area and not have to walk back up.  It took a while to get back to the car so while John got the car -- Little N, Little M and I took pictures and played in the grass. 

When John got back with the car we walked down to the hot spring waterfalls.  The waterfall is heated geothermaly.  We got to the waterfall and just went into the water.  It was just what the doctor had ordered after a long hike.  The water was the temperature of bath water so it was perfect for all of us.  I'm sure that John wishes that the water was hotter but for Little N & M the temperature was great.  They splashed and had a great time.  As we walked back to the car Little M was so exhausted that he fell fast asleep in the backpack carrier.  Both boys after their busy day of exploring took a great nap before getting back to Sendai.

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  1. my friend yoji from canon told me about places like this in japan! he said those were his favorite hikes because at the end he could hang out in the hot water .. otherwise he said he wasn't much of a hiker hehe

    looks really amazing.. and congratulations on the wonderful news, by the way :)


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