Thursday, August 11, 2011

19 weeks

We've made it to 19 weeks.  So curious to know what we are it gonna be another boy or do I have a little girl?  We are still in Japan and at a place that brings back memories for John and I.  I found this adorable painted garage and took pictures by it.  Speaking of which we bought little kokeshi dolls for souvenirs for the boys and this little baby.  We got two green and one red.  I figured that even if it's a boy -- red is still a masculine color (RIGHT?) Thankful to John for taking these pictures!

At 19 weeks....I think for the most part my morning sickness is behind me.  Still get dizzy walking in the heat and humidity but finally can eat.  Slowly getting a belly but I'm pretty sure that I am carrying different with this pregnancy.  Went to see the doctor before we left for Japan.....everything is going well and doctor gave me the okay to try for another VBAC as long as this baby doesn't do any funny business (like being breech).  So my big prayer request is that this baby decides to be normal and do the right stuff!!

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