Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Co-workers Retreat (Day 2)

We started Day 2 with a hike -- it was a very fast hike...we had a boy who was very excited to go hiking and what was gonna be a leisurely hike turned into a very brisk hike.  We had fun and after our hike we were able to wander around some and have some ice cream. 
After our hike we took a drive to another hiking area to see a waterfall with a temple right onto of the waterfall.  The scenery was absolutely gorgeous with the mountains and the the water.  The boys got to go into the water which they were so happy to get to play in the water. 
we finally drove to our hotel and where we stayed was absolutely gorgeous....we were surrounded by mountains and we stayed in little houses.  At the hotel was a spa....oh my goodness was this the most amazing spa I have ever seen -- there were 5 or 6 pools.  One pool was a freezing cold pool, the second pool was the temperature of a lukewarm bath, then there were 3 hot tubs each was different temperature -- a lukewarm pool, a medium warm pool and then a hot tub!!  It was wonderful to rest and relax after a long day of hiking and exploring!
We saw this water the day before and it was a gorgeous blue green color...sadly because of the rain storm the water changed to this murky gray color.
 A spider made his web high above our hiking path....it's amazing to see just how spiders are able to build their webs.
Almost everyone who was with us on the co-workers retreat!

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