Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Japan - Tuesday (Yamadara & Omoshiroyamakogen)

First off today is a special day -- 8 years ago today John and I got married.  We decided to celebrate our anniversary by going on an adventure and then once we got back from our adventure, John went out and got us crepes -- mine was filled with strawberries and whip cream (yum) and his I think chocolate, strawberries and whip cream.  Happy Anniversary John....I love you and can't wait to see what's in store for us down the road.

We made the decision to go to Yamadara....at Yamadara is a temple area which you have to climb up over a thousand steps.....the Ayashi Chuo Church has an English teacher, Chris, and he's on holiday from his classes so we invited him to join us because he had never been there.  We (John & I) had been there 9 years ago while we were newly engaged and so as we were walking around it just brought back memories of our time teaching English in Japan.
9 years ago -- October 2002
 Katy and I.....partners in crime (English teachers in the same town-- Akita)
Also made me realize how much life had changed in the 9 years -- marriage, seminary, 4 years at a wonderful church, 2 adorable boys and another baby on the way, and now being a English pastor over in Taiwan. 
We started our walk (hike) with Little N walking and Little M in the backpack carrier.  Then we let Little M walk a couple of the steps while we tried to find where we were supposed to go up the mountain.  So many interesting but sad things to see.  There were little statutes and little toys (the toys, Little M & N wanted to play with) along the way.  The little statutes were in memory of aborted children so that they appease the spirit of the unborn child or in memory of a child who had died.   As we walked Little N got a little tired....we were also pushing it a little too fast for me and also for Little N.  So I made sure to take my time, take pictures, which helped me....but kept pushing me further and further behind the guys!  John ended up for a little bit needing to carry both Little N and Little M.  As we were walking up the steps the rocking movement lulled Little M to sleep. 
We got to the top and took a tiny break and then sadly (hey, I was tired!) began walking back down all those steps...thankfully at the end of the walk we stopped for ice cream -- strawberry for Little N and myself, vanilla for John and Chris.  After our ice cream we rushed back to the train station and began the track back to Ayashi.  However John saw a stop that looked like it would be fun....so we stopped at Omoshiroyamakogen and went on a hike and saw some pretty waterfalls.  Sadly we weren't the only ones at the waterfalls....if we had been the only one we probably would have stayed a lot longer....but there was a bunch of probably preteen boys and girls who were having a water fight and catching fish in the brook that was in front of the waterfall. So we left to catch the next train....which was perfect because it was nap time for both Little N, sort of Little M & I. 
After we woke up we played and then had a wonderful meal with the Sasakis.  They were (and still are) the pastor's family when John was teaching English in Sendai.  So they have welcomed us over the years and made us feel very at home.  She made cold noodles, tempura, rolled up peanut butter, jelly, sandwiches, salad and cake.  We had a great time visiting and chatting with the whole family.  Then we took pictures as a group!!  My camera was set on timer and set to take 10 pictures....so it was funny to see the outtakes!

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