Monday, August 22, 2011

Co-workers Retreat (first day)

We decided to get to know our co-workers from the Chinese LB by going to the co-workers retreat.  We got up early on Monday morning and made the walk with all our stuff to church (we seriously need to find a medium size suitcase -- we have small carry on size suitcase & then giant travel to the states suitcases but nothing in the medium size for the let's travel for three days and put everything in one suitcase). It was so quiet and a lot of older people were up walking (it was like 5:00 or 6:00 am) so strange to be in our city and not have the hustle and bustle of city life. Also learned if I wanted to enjoy the quiet and semi-coolness before the heat comes -- to walk early in the morning.  Will I do that......nope! But it's good to know.
Got on the bus and started our was a good trip.  We had tour guides (which we couldn't understand, but the tour guides & our co-workers were very gracious with us, some interpreted for us, and most everyone tried to speak some English with us and if they couldn't speak English then they used hand gestures which is seriously a universal language to communicate with us) who were amazing....we played games, saw the most amazing scenery and went on a hike which we got rained on!  Went to our hotel and just rest before dinner!  It was a busy first day....but we are glad that we had the opportunity to go!
 One of the games we played similar to hot potato -- Little M lost so he had to get two stripes on his face!
 Normally Little M falls fast asleep on me....sadly today he needed to take a nap on John!
 The giant spider was something we saw in the bathroom -- needless to say  Little N was unable to go use the bathroom after seeing the giant spider! 
 Having fun at the hotel!!
 Little M just so badly wanted to play with the big kids.....sadly he just wasn't old enough!
 This is a sample of the food that we ate -- we had something similar to this every day!!  This is a Chinese meal!

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