Friday, August 5, 2011

Japan - Friday

Today was a waiting day.....we had to wait for our luggage to come, then we had to wait for the team -- John brought a team over from Taiwan to help with the relief effort over there.  We got our luggage, played, took a short nap, played some more....the thing that made the kids happy was being able to go outside and play outside -- in the rocks, on the grass & in the dirt.  Where we are staying is relatively quiet so the kids were just able to run around without me having to worry about them as much....still had to keep an on them but I could let them run on the rocks & grass.  Let them be boys!!
  Once the group came back we showered and rushed to the train to go downtown Sendai.  It was a festival going on.....and fireworks that we were so excited to go downtown and explore.  Little M fell asleep while we were downtown and missed most of the fireworks. Little N was just absolutely enthralled with the fireworks (fire powers as he calls them!) and was so happy to watch them.  After the fireworks we got food -- yakisoba (fried noodles) and shaved ice!!  Boy was I a happy of the things that I miss the most about Japan is yakisoba, so being able to eat them just makes me happy.   While we were finishing up the fireworks Little M woke up and needed to be held by ANYONE......then while we were eating our food Little N decided it was his turn to take his nap.  I was thankful for a fun day.

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