Sunday, August 7, 2011

Japan - Sunday

Sunday, the last full day that the Taiwan team was gonna be up in Sendai.  We had church and then the "youth" from the church wanted to spend time with the team before they left. 
One of the Taiwan team members gave her testimony during church -- she gave it all in Japanese so I'll have to ask her to share it sometime in English.  After the church service we (well almost all of us -- not Caristy-- the little boys were to crabby and I missed out) enjoyed a nice meal of cold noodle udon soup and then the Taiwan mission team was asked to share some of their thoughts of Japan and the church.  It was interesting to listen to them share.  After they were done sharing we enjoyed some yummy shaved ice (which I made sure to get)!!
After everything was finished for the morning I took the boys up to take a much needed nap.  While we were napping the rest of the team was packing up and hanging out.  After our nap, John came rushing at me telling me that I needed to take pictures of the girls.  They were dressed up in Yukata's (summer "kimonos") and wanted to have a mini-photo shoot.  We had fun looking around for places to take pictures. 
While the girls were taking pictures the men were making my favorite Japanese meal -- yakisoba (fried noodles).  I was so happy and made sure that I got to eat (mostly because I was starving!) After we finished eating there was a watermelon seed spitting was slightly amusing because of the Japanese girls just wasn't able to figure out how to spit the watermelon seed out of her mouth...we had a good laugh. 
As the night came to a close we enjoyed games and fellowship with everyone.  It was such a blessing and reminded me of how special the young adults group is at Ayashi church.
I know you aren't supposed to have favorite but probably since I lived in Japan and visited John while he was in Sendai she was one of my favorite people.  She would always speak to me in a mixture of English and Japanese.  She has become such a Godly woman and I just think she is gorgeous.  I quick snapped a couple pictures of her and none of them were bad pictures.  Thankful for her friendship and kindness to our family!

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