Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Co-workers Retreat (Day 3)

Our hotel was connected to both a nice spa area and also kind of like a Busch Gardens (without the big rides) type amusement park.  We could have stayed there all day just looking at all the animals and trying out all the different things that they had to offer (an ice cream place, a fruit stand, a kiddie park area).  To get around the park we had to use a golf cart....guess who got to drive?  Yup --- me (Caristy), because I just so happened to have my international driver's license in my bag!  It was a big deal because I haven't driven a car or anything since coming to Taiwan.  So it was kind of fun to drive again.  We only were able to stay at the park for 2 or 3 hours before we had to leave -- the time just flew and it was time to give up the little golf cart and start our journey back home!   We got home late that night -- with both boys fast asleep it was a shock to their system to be jolted awake and then begin to walk back to our house from church.  We had a good time and were so thankful that we could meet and spend time with our co-workers here in Taiwan. 

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