Friday, August 12, 2011

Japan - Friday (Farewell)

We woke up early on Friday morning.  We wanted to make sure all of our stuff was packed and that the place where we stayed was cleaned up so our hosts didn't have to do too much cleaning.  We left for the train station (thankfully Linda gave us a ride to the train station) and rushed to the next train station with 2 kids, a backpack carrier, my camera bag, Little N's bag, John's backpack, two suitcases & a stroller. 

When traveling with two children you want to make sure you have PLENTY of time to make it from one train platform to the next.  Sometimes kids decide to throw a temper tantrum and want to be held even though you aren't able to do that -- plus carry 2 bags, a stroller and two kids.  Needless to say we don't have any pictures of us traveling by train.  It was just too hectic.

Made it to the airport and checked our two suitcases, our backpack carrier and all we had was John's bag, Little N's bag & my bag.  We felt so free. Ate our meal and then got to our gate.  Once we were at the gate we just had great relief (or maybe I did).....our flight back to Taiwan was uneventful and our ride back to Hsinchu was uneventful!  We had a nice was nice to get away and do stuff as a family!

Good bye Japan!!  Hello Taiwan!!

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