Monday, August 1, 2011

Dragon fruit

We went shopping and instead of going for the normal apples (my kids like apples), etc.  We went a little wild.  We had seen this fruit that we had no idea what it was or even what it tasted like until friends asked if we had ever had dragon fruit and then described it to us.  So we decided to be adventurous and try it -- dragon fruit that is.  (Not that fruit is ever really truly an adventure!) We bought and finally tried it today!  It looks very strange both on the outside and on the inside.  Little N didn't want to try it -- he tried a small bit and looked at me in utter disgust.  Mostly he was grossed out by the black seeds and wanted me to pick out all the black seeds -- umm no kiddo you are supposed to eat them!! Little M on the other hand ate half of the dragon fruit.  He seemed to like it and kept on coming back for more.  The dragon fruit was delicious....I can't really describe the taste but I just know that it was good!  The flesh is white with black seeds -- almost like a kiwi (the seed that is) and the skin is almost a magenta red color (which I peeled (slices with a knife until I got rid of all the pink) till I got to the flesh of the fruit.  I really enjoyed it and will be getting it again.


  1. Wow, it looks so cool! I'll have to try some...whenever I come across some, that is :)

  2. I've always been curious about them. I'll have to try them!


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