Saturday, May 21, 2011

Young Adult trip to Bei Pu

John planned on taking a Young Adult trip to Neiwan -- they  have go carts that you can ride, a traditional market with all sorts of stuff that you can buy (food, purses, ice cream, fruit bars, etc), suspension bridges that you can go explore and then at night they were gonna go walk up the mountain to see the fireflies. 
They were gonna go by train so I figured it would be kind of neat if Little N and Little M could go on the train with the group and then maybe quick see the go carts and get some food and we would go back home.  Sadly things happened and our schedule was changed.

John had 4 young adults come on the trip today (including him) and then with me and the two little boys that brought it up to 7 people.  We had to take a bus to the train station and when we got to the train station it was starting to rain someone had a car so she just suggested that we all pile into her car and we just go to Neiwan by car.  As we got closer to Neiwan the harder the rain started to come down and we made an instant decision that we weren't gonna go to Neiwan but we could go to another place Bei Pu which had a traditional market where we could try different foods and drink.  Because I wasn't planning on staying with everyone for the whole time it added some more stress on John because instead of just enjoying the time with the group he had to help out with watching Little N & M which sort of frustrated him (and me -- although I was excited to go explore a new area) plus it didn't help that neither Little N or M were on their best behavior. It worked out and we had a great time getting to know each other.

I hope that John is able to do this type of event again because it was so much fun and it always fun to get together with people and explore! 

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