Monday, May 9, 2011

Places - Nanliao (a fishing port)

We went on our Monday adventure to Nanliao which is a fishing port.  We went to one of the ports and saw so many beautiful things -- a rainbow bridge, boats in the water, sandy beaches & kites all around.  While we were exploring around the harbor there were people (professionals -- maybe for a wedding magazine or bridal shop) doing a photo shoot. It was pretty cool!  I loved watching the waves go back and forth!!  Little N & M loved watching the the water and walking on the "muddy" sand!!  I think we found our place to go and relax!!  Such a gorgeous area!!


  1. Love the pics...and I can just feel that"muddy" sand between my toes...wonderful! Oh, I miss you guys and Nikolas and Mikah, we love the pictures of you and especially like skyping...Grandma O.

  2. pretty! i love that second to last picture with the kite.. looks awesome.

    ahh... i'm jealous that when you workout it actually makes you feel less hungry! when i workout i am starving! i could eat like 3 times more! i try to drink a lot of water so i don't over do it with the food haha

    thanks for the tips about having foods in mind and prepared.. such a good point. when i'm hungry i can't think about "what healthy food should i have" i just think "fooooooooooooood" haha


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