Saturday, May 14, 2011

Another Birthday Party

Since moving to Taiwan we have been invited to more birthday parties and gone to more kids birthday parties.  Today we got to go celebrate the birthday's of two special girls that attend VEF.  We were supposed to have a beach party and got to this cool beach (another time I guess) but it was raining so we had an indoor picnic instead.  The kids played in their awesome playroom while the adults chatted & occasionally intervened.  We had picnic food -- sandwiches, chips, watermelon and of course cake.  They got the cake from Costco but here in Taiwan they do things a little differently.  (I'm not saying it's bad or good -- just different) You request your frosting, your cake flavor & then also your filling (which is a fruit filling -- we had blueberry filling this time).  We all liked the cake but it was just a slight surprise when you are eating chocolate cake to have a blueberry filling.  The girls got to open their presents and were generous enough to open and allow the rest of the kids to play with the toys (I'm not sure it was the parents idea but it just happened and we went with the flow).  We had a good time.....thank you S & E for letting us celebrate your birthday with us!!
One of the birthday girls with her mom!
 Little N enjoying some mango ice cream!!
 Mikah just playing by himself....he tried playing with others but just got frustrated!!
 A good aunt blowing bubbles for her birthday niece!

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  1. Looks fun to me...I love the pics and reading about the "Olson happenings." Linda


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