Friday, May 6, 2011

Women's English Fellowship

Every Friday morning since we've been in Taiwan we have a Women's English Fellowship (WEF).  The first couple of weeks I wasn't a fan because no one would come and I just had a really bad attitude about it.  Then three weeks in I talked to another girl and she said that she need to have this meeting and so I changed my attitude and started to enjoy coming to church on Friday mornings.....I made it our special day out -- we go to church, see our friend, then go to the bakery (that needs to be an entire post by it's self) and then I go across the street to get  tea.
My bad attitude was due to the lack of structure and the fact that we were meeting at 9 am and NO ONE was there until 10 am.  It frustrated me....then it's supposed to be a bible study but no one wants to have anything prepared or do some structured and I was told that I was in charge of this and so I just was so angry because no one would give me answers of what they wanted or what they needed.  So it just frustrated me because I had no idea what the expectations were of me!!  Thankfully talking with one of the girls improved my attitude and I just made it my mission to become her friend and to find a devotional that was short and sweet (still looking -- recommendations) that if people aren't there on a regular basis you can still get something from it!!  Plus praying over people and the situation helped immensely!!
I'm  pretty sure it was three or maybe four weeks ago this lady came with two little girl right around my boys age.  She is originally from Hong Kong so she wanted to get to know people and for her girls to be able to speak English.  The thing that is so much fun is to watch HOW SIMILAR her kid & my kids are.  Her oldest daughter & Little N don't really like to eat, are shy and are good at manipulating people.  Her youngest and Little M are more outspoken, like to help out, are smiley and both like to copy what their older siblings do.  It's just funny to watch because the other mom will apologize for a behavior her kids are doing and I'll just say it's okay my kids do the SAME thing!!  It's just really funny.....I have never seen kids who are more similar in my life and who come from different countries, & cultures.
Every Friday is just so much fun to see what they will do next.  I've actually gone a 180 with my attitude about going on Friday's and I absolutely love going because I get to see my friend -- we usually have the chance to talk and catch up on life and then afterwards we have the other lady come with her girls and we just laugh as the four kids play with one another.

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