Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Adventure - Beach day!

We went on our Monday adventure.  It was kind of a hard day what with it being Memorial weekend.  Being away from family on holidays was really hard on both John & I.  The thing that frustrated John was that he tried to talk to his family and Little N acted up so we couldn't hear anyone!!  We figured we would try to make a day out going to the beach!!  So we drove to the beach -- a new beach area which sadly didn't have any sand but it was such a pretty view.  After walking around the "beach" we went to the playground and discovered that it had sand to play in!!  Little N & M loved playing with their new sand toys and just digging in the sand!!  I enjoyed taking pictures of the rice fields & all the pretty flowers around the area.  It helped make the day better being outside and having a fun family day!! 
 Little M figured out (sort of) how to jump off the ledge and had so much fun doing it!! 

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