Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day & fireflies in Neiwan

        Happy Mother's Day to all those who are mothers or going to be mothers.  Such a special day to be reminded that you are a mom.  Granted I got my mother's day present early so I didn't have any presents to open up or breakfast in bed  (you kind of realize that those things really can't happen if your husband is a pastor or it would be really early and I'd rather sleep).  Went to church and after church made the last minute decision to not take Little N to Chinese Sunday School so they (little boys) just joined us for adult sunday school.  When at the last minute I got a phone call from a friend asking if Little N was going to sunday school.  So we rushed up to Sunday School. 
         Little N wasn't really a fan of Chinese Sunday School at first BUT when they divided into their smaller groups and his Sunday School teacher started doing some stuff to interact with him he warmed up.  For the most part everything is done in Chinese....every once in a while she used some English words so that both of us (Little N & I) had an idea what was going. Bonus of him going to Chinese Sunday School was that I got a pretty flower bouquet for Mother's Day.  I think the highlight of Little N's time at Sunday School was being able to get up and place two figures (kind of like the felt board characters I used to play with when my sunday school teachers told bible stories) that corresponded to the story she told on the white board.  Also getting a snack to share was pretty special. There are five little kids in his class and a teacher and a helper.  I think he will have a good time!
      After church & sunday school we joined some friends for lunch.  We went to a restaurant that had spaghetti, risotto & fried rice.  Great food & wonderful visits with friends. Definitely would go back to that restaurant again. 
     While Little N, M & I napped John went out searching for the group that places ultimate Frisbee on Sunday afternoons.  He had a hard time locating them because where they usually meet was closed.  So he came back home (which I heard him do) and then left and didn't say where he went!! (never a good thing to do.....)  Thankfully he had a great time playing Frisbee (lots of scraps and a sore body)
        Got a phone call asking if we wanted to go find fireflies and walk around.  Finally found John and went with friends to see the fireflies.  So magical.....they just glittered in the night sky!  My goal was to capture them but I didn't get any pictures because my camera battery died!!  So thankful that we could go and do something so fun!!  It was a nice way to spend Mother's Day!!

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