Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A play date

We met people at church to have a play date.  Some people from VEF and possibly Victory church were invited to get together and let their kids play.  I think there were 18 people in a little house.  From a little baby to I think a little boy around Little N's age.  We had fun we got together at 10:30 am and then left at 3:30 pm.  Which made for a kind of long day but we had a good time.  The play group is done in a mixture of mandarin, English & a couple other languages.  The kids just get together to play and just be together.  The moms & one dad also get together and visit.  I think we will be going back every other Wednesday!!  I like having my Wednesday babysitting where John and I are able to get out and spend time with one another! So I don't mind have playgroup every other Wednesday and babysitting on the other Wednesdays! :-)

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