Saturday, May 7, 2011

Places -- Hukou Old Street

      We went with a friend on an adventure.  We took the car and drove 30 minutes and arrived at Hukou Old Street.  As we were walking there were these two ladies who just liked Little N & Little M.  One of the ladies asked if Little M would go to her & surprisingly he did.  But when she started saying that she was just gonna go home with him -- Little M lowered his lower lip and started to cry.  She then quickly gave Little M back to John and gave the kiddos to food.  Then showed us where to go to find the Hukou Old Street.
     Hukou Old Street is just a area filled with old buildings, shops and restaurants that you can explore around the area for probably a 1/2 day.  We only walked around for an hour but had fun and are willing to go back. John got himself a cool hat that I can't wait to take pictures of him with it on -- he promised I could.  I can't wait for those pictures!!

Things to see:
- Beautiful Architecture
- Ice Cream (I had mango ice cream.....delicious)
- Cute shops
- Open markets (fruit, veggies, stinky tofu)
- Wasabi Peanuts (Nope I didn't try them but John & our friend Jason did)

We are excited to go back and explore there again another time. Probably take a 1/2 day just walk around maybe go have some lunch, do some shopping & just have fun!!


  1. that places looks awesome! what a good find.. i want to go haha i like how parts of it look like it could be any city and than other parts are soo different from anything i've seen.

    what lens are you saving up for?? i really want to get like a cheapy fish-eye lense, just to play with hehe

  2. In my ideal world.....I would love to get a full frame camera (saving for that) so that my 24-70 mm works as 24-70. Love to get a 70-200 mm lens for when we are hiking & would love to get a fisheye lens for pictures walking around the city!!

  3. Love the pics...sure would be fun to see all those places (hopefully, sometime) and those "grand"boys and mom and dad...Mom, Linda, Grandma O.


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