Wednesday, July 6, 2011

TMF fun pictures

We are having an amazing time at TMF (Taiwan Missionary Fellowship) spending time with our family, getting to hear an amazing speaker, swimming every day and just getting to know new people who have the same mission as us.  The little boys have had a blast going to "class" two times a day and then getting to go swimming every day.  They have had a blast.  I am thankful that Little N & M have gotten comfortable around some friends and just watching them interact with one another is hilarious.  It's no longer that kid but hey mom can I go play with so-and-so. I am just thankful for this time of renewing of our spirits and reconnecting as a family.   The kids loved having time to play with us and loved having pokies (kind of like a Popsicle)  right before bed.
     Today is a special day -- it is John's birthday.  We woke up and sang Happy Birthday to him.  Went got some breakfast.  Went and had brunch with some friends while the kids were in class.   Right before the kids and I went swimming we celebrated daddy's birthday with some birthday brownies (which I'm not sure if John got!)  It was a great day being able to celebrate John birthday -- and now he's not able to tell me that he's SO much younger than me because we are now the same age! (Phew!! Being 2 months older is hard on a girl's emotional well being at times)  Happy Birthday Sweetie!!  We love you and are glad that you liked your gifts that the kids picked out.  Little N gave John a water gun -- which John proceeded to shoot at me! Little M gave him a catch and toss type game that both boys surprisingly can throw the ball from. 
Today we listened to memorials for missionaries that have died.  Listening to the testimonies of people who have dedicated their lives to service to God & also serving the people of Taiwan was pretty humbling.  So many people have dedicated a lot to bringing the gospel message to the Taiwanese people.  After listening to the testimonies we were blessed with a concert from people who have been saved and made it their life mission to share the gospel in song to people around the world.  It was amazing! 

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