Friday, July 8, 2011

TMF - Friday

We stayed in a dorm for the week -- it was nice we had a bathroom with a shower in our room.  One of the beds was flipped so it was higher so we stuck Little N under the bed so he could sleep in a "fort".  Little M was in a pack and play but sometimes during the night he ended up going to daddy's bed to sleep.  He was teething -- it's tough being a kid getting 8 teeth.  On Friday it was kind of a rough night where Little M needed to cuddle and fell fast asleep with daddy -- even sleeping when Daddy woke up and took a shower.  Shows how exhausting our schedule is while we were at camp. 
 Before every session we had the privilege of singing a variety of praise and worship songs.  It was just encouraging listening to all the voices all in one voice praising God.  On Friday night we had the privilege of having the kids sing us a song.  Little N & Little M were not part of the group -- they were a part of the nursery school and baby group.  It was so sweet watching the little kids sing a song (with all the adorable motions) that they practiced and learned that week.
While we at our retreat we got to have some really yummy food!  Ice cream on a stick anyone?  Little N loved his and he ate all his food (on his plate) in order to get it! Can you tell that Little M is just exhausted from all the activities we have been doing?  We also got to play with friends.  I was very surprised that Little N & J could throw the ball back and forth to each other!  They had so much fun.  J is also very nice to Little M which is just so cute to watch!

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