Saturday, July 23, 2011


We went for a drive and a hike today.  Up into the mountains and then what John told me was gonna be an easy 1 km hike up the mountain.  Boy was he wrong.....we put Little M in the backpack carrier (that thing has been a life saver) and had Little N walk.  Little N was SO excited to get to go hiking.  He would step on every rock that he saw and just tried the best he could climbing up the mountain (and also going down the mountain).  We are pretty certain that this is the last time we will be able to go hiking until after Baby #3 is here.  I have discovered that I get dizzy going up hill and start seeing these wonderful spots.  ( not fun and it also happens when we walk up to I need to figure something out.)  Thankfully no one fainted, everyone made it to a stopping area -- the kids and I rested in a homemade playground while John continued up the mountain to see how much further it was. 
  Little N kept on telling me how much fun he was having and that this was a fun day!!  Also we talked about how the clouds homes are in the mountains and the clouds have to move so that they can get back to their mountain.  His mind is always thinking and trying to figure out this world -- it's both intriguing and frustrating at the same time. 
The rest at the "top" of the mountain was was the light!!  Both Little N & John humored me as I took pictures.  Little M yeah....ummm....not so much!!  He was too excited to sit down and let me take pictures he had to explore the mountain before daddy put him back in the backpack carrier. 
We had lots of fun and if I could figure out a way to go do some more hiking I totally would because I love going up the mountain and just seeing the absolutely gorgeousness that you see once you get to the top.  I guess what we have to do is just find the easy trails and do that!!  Also we probably shouldn't go during the heat of the day!!  But our stop to 7 eleven to have a Slurpee made it all worth while!!  Kiwi Slurpee tastes pretty good!!
 Notice how sweaty he is -- we all were that sweaty and disgusting!!  Plus Little M fell in the dirt as he was exploring the "top of the mountain" so his sweat was a little bit muddy!  The Coke bottle was filled with water and Little N feels really cool to be drinking his water from a Coke bottle!!

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  1. Your smiles are so precious and contagious, little N...miss you, miss you guys!....Grandma O.


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