Sunday, July 17, 2011

Those big blue eyes!!

Today was a busy day!  We had church, went out to lunch at a Thai restaurant (the little boys didn't try anything and were extremely exhausted -- which makes for interesting visiting time!) took a nap, ultimate Frisbee & then we went over to a friends' house for a welcome party & birthday celebration!!  They made grilled chicken, grilled steak, grilled veggies & we roasted marshmallows and finished with tiramisu.  The steak was wonderfully seasoned oh I could just eat that up and the roasted veggies had an interesting seasoning to it!  Oh so it was wonderful to have steak and visit with friends! 

I love that both my boys have different color eyes and that they are just so much fun to take pictures of!  Did you also know that this weekend had a full moon?  I liked how the moon was surrounded by clouds!! Do you like how the end of this post really has nothing to do with the beginning of the post!  It's my blog and I can be crazy if I want to! :-)

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