Saturday, July 9, 2011

A saturday drive home

We have made the decision that even though it will mean a late night for us we will just pack up our bags and leave the retreat on Friday rather than stay over night and drive home on Saturday.  Both Little N & M travel well in the car and will sleep.  Once we get them home they'll even sleep good for us there.  We thought that they might sleep in some because they were so exhausted but they woke up bright and early because all of us were in the same room.  Got breakfast and then packed up our stuff for our drive home.  (Boy were the boys cranky -- you could tell that the week of not enough sleep had caught up with them and they were exhausted!!)  We took a leisurely drive stopping along the way to take pictures of the pretty pictures that we we stopped we woke up Little M who got more and more furious because he couldn't get out of his carseat! :-) Got home and unpacked all of our stuff....eventually we will figure out how to travel light -- but when you need bedding, towels and other stuff it just makes things hard.  One day we will figure it out though!! Got everything washed and hung (or shoved into the dryer) which is pretty impressive for us -- we also needed it all because those were our only sheets for each of the beds. Relaxed for a little bit and then it was off to dreamland for some much needed sleep!

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