Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday -- a potluck outside

Wow....being gone for a week takes A LOT out of our kids!!  You could see it in them.  They just wanted to snuggle during church with either mommy or daddy and just lay around.  (Fortunately John lined up a speaker to speak just because he thought he might be very tired!) So our kids could rest on daddy's shoulders and snuggle!
After church we quick stopped at the bakery and then made our way home.  The boys immediately went straight to bed!!  SO tired.......slept for a long time until it was time for us to go to Beipu!
We were invited to go have a potluck with friends.  It was really fun but had we not followed people there we would have been desperately lost.  We went into the mountains, then made some twists and turns several times thought we would stop but we kept on going up higher into the mountains.  Finally parked the car to see this beautiful site where we were gonna visit and eat!  All the kids played and then we decided to go on a walk (hike) and went across a scary bridge.  A scary bridge made even scary as Little N & I were half way across John came BOUNDING across and made the bridge sway back and forth and up and down!  Both of us screamed!!  We were terrified!  Little N, M & Caristy got across the bridge and then started to walk where everyone else was and then quick made the decision that it wasn't a wise mood for any of them.  So walked back across the scary bridge and headed back to the food area. 
Got to chat, visit and eat (amazing) food!!  Whenever you get people together when do you not have enough food to share and go around?  Oh potatoes, steak, pasta salad, corn on the cob, fruit, dessert!  SO much food and not enough room in my belly for it all!! :)
So thankful for the privilege to spend time with others!!

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